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December 23rd, 2004

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03:23 pm - My Favorite Pirate Movie of All Time!
Cutthroat Island

A tough-as-barnacles lady pirate enlists the aid of a thieving slave to defeat her dastardly uncle and retrieve a buried treasure in this explosion-filled, action-packed high-seas adventure.

Big-budget swashbuckling adventure--long on action and plot and dynamite on excitement and character. Seductive and sassy female pirate captain Morgan Adams (Geena Davis) is left part of a treasure map by her father and "persuades" educated slave/thief William Shaw (Modine), who has lots of charm and no morals, to assist her. Her scurvy Uncle Dawg (despically well-played by Langella) also has a portion of the map and is willing to let Morgan find the treasure--on Cutthroat Island--before taking it for himself. Director Harlin likes lots of big, noisy explosions but Davis' exuberance for her pirate queen role is most appealing and surpasses even her own beauty.

Undoubtedly, the FINEST pirate movie since Errol Flynn swung his blade across the seven seas!

Geena Davis, Matthew Modine, Frank Langella, Patrick Malahide, Stan Shaw, Maury Chaykin, Harris Yulin, George Murcell;
DIRECTED BY: Renny Harlin;
WRITTEN BY: Robert King, Marc Norman;
MUSIC BY: John Debney.
PRODUCER: Laurence Mark, Joel B. Michaels, Renny Harlin, James Gorman, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Production Notes:

Released theatrically in the USA on December 22, 1995.
Co-produced by Forge, in association with Laurence Mark Prods., Beckner/Gorman Prods., TeleCommunications Inc. and RCS Video.
Color by Technicolor; shot in Technovision and Panavision widescreen.
Filmed on location in Malta and Thailand.
Additional credits: Kuki Lopez Rodero (assistant director).
Michael Douglas was originally slated to play the Matthew Modine role, but he dropped out at the last minute, pleading exhaustion -- he had just finished filming "Disclosure." Many top actors were offered the role, including Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Keanu Reeves. However, it was difficult finding an actor who was willing to play a supporting role to Geena Davis's character.
The film was originally scheduled to be released on July 21, 1995, but was not ready (filming had only recently been completed).
This film had a budget of $80 million.
During filming, the production company, Carolco, was having serious financial problems -- which very nearly shut down production on the film. On November 10, 1995, a month before the film was released, Carolco filed for bankruptcy.
Original soundtrack album available on nu.millenia/Records


"...ISLAND boasts the finely burnished look of an ancient scroll, paradisiacal locales and astonishing stunt work..."
- USA Today 12/22/1995

"...Truly spectacular stunts and pirate Davis stylishly swing[s] her sword....Comfortably overstuffed..."
- Entertainment Weekly 04/19/1996

"...[The] handsomely mounted production is crammed with massive action, spectacular stunts and continual face-offs....Langella carves out a suitably hissable villain..."
- Variety 01/01/1996

"...CUTTHROAT is filled with elaborate stunts and fiery explosions..."
- Los Angeles Times 12/22/1995

Also: Seeking members for Geena Davis' Cutthroat Island community.

You are cordially invited to join and participate.

Looking forward to seeing your name among the members if you so choose.


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